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Super Nurse awaits at the doors to welcome patients and visitors.

I really love that she resembles Sam. 

I am particularly fond of this wall scene.  I love seeing Sam in the garage working on her race car. It was her passion and where she loved to be.  

Race car beds can be found in many rooms and a race car with her racing number on it on the information board is in every room. 

Sam and her love of racing is spread throughout the Pediatric Unit.

Isn't this playroom fabulous? It is proven that sick children heal quicker when they are up and moving. Video game consoles with tons of games to pick from and an interactive touch screen with so many fun things to do makes moving and playing easy to do!

The Canady family. 

From right to left: Briana Harden (big sister), Alistair (Little brother), Brian (Dad), Ainsley (little sister), Tammy (Mom) not pictured: Bradly (Big Brother)

The interior hallways are colorful and beautiful!  No drab white walls for our sick kiddos!

Notice the roadway (racetrack) on the floor. Sam would have loved that! Also, the dog depicted is Sam's dog.  She loved her dog, Paris. In the picture with the bridge, you can see the penny on the ground, Sam believed all pennies were lucky, because they all say "In God We Trust."

The pediatric unit includes two Intermediate rooms. This is a step below Intensive care, but so much more than what we had previously. This amazing machine in the center picture is the telemedicine machine. It gives our nurses and doctors access to specialist at Covenant Childrens Hospital in Lubbock. These specialist can see into the room via the camera on the top of the machine. They can see all of the childs telemetry and how the child is responding. This gives us the ability to stabilize a child prior to life flight or hopefully being able to keep the child here. This could have been a game changer for Sam as they were unable to get her stabilized and thus her oxygen level dropped way to low too many times causing brain death. 

The Canady family and the Crabtrees (Grandma Linda and PaPa Kent) are so very grateful for all that everyone has done to help make this a reality for our family.